When most people think of superstar athletes, there’s a certain level of arrogance and greed that comes to mind.

Fortunately, though, there are still some down to earth stars who know there are people behind the scenes who help make their success possible.

Like this superstar athlete who recently divided up a hefty bonus check to give every member of his team an envelope of cash.

If you were to conduct a poll on NASCAR fans’ feelings towards Kyle Busch, the results would be pretty mixed.

Busch is the literal definition of a polarizing athlete – fans either love him or they hate him, there’s literally no middle ground to be had.

He wears every single one of his emotions on his sleeve, says exactly what is on his mind at all times, and simply will not accept anything other than a win in every race he enters.

That type of personality generally leads star athletes to being rather arrogant, greedy, and at times, down right selfish.

But Busch recently went pretty far out of his way to prove that’s just not who he is.

On Friday night, despite a rather pedestrian showing from his entire Kyle Busch Motorsports team on the dirt at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway, Busch’s no. 4 team clinched the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’ regular season championship.

Thanks to five wins from driver John Hunter Nemechek and the rest of his team, the team secured the championship over a month before the playoffs even start.

So, as you would hope would be the case, Kyle Busch thought it was the right time to reward his entire team for all of the hard work they’ve put into this season.

Rather than merely giving them a celebration dinner or something else along those lines, Busch had the entire $125,000 bonus check the team received for the championship divided up, and he proceeded to give every member of the team an envelope with their share of the bonus money inside.

“I just wanted to say a huge appreciation to everybody for all of their hard work and everything you guys do for us,” Busch said. “You guys deserve it. It’s the whole $125,000 divided up to everybody at KBM. It’s all yours.”

Busch also joked that the bonus was “tax free, cash,” but was quick to point out that probably should’ve been left out of their video for social media.

All in all, though, you have to tip your cap to Kyle Busch for this move.

Like the rest of the world, the Motorsports industry was hit hard by COVID shutdowns, putting many of those working in NASCAR out of work, and a paycheck, for almost two months.

On top of that, when last season was restarted, the teams were forced to fit as many races as possible into a tight schedule, causing them to spend days and weeks at a time on the road away from their families.

So to see a guy of Kyle Busch’s stature step up and reward his team for everything they’ve done for his company is pretty awesome.

Obviously, none of this is going to change how Kyle Busch reacts in his post-race interview when he finishes second instead of first in an upcoming race.

But hey, as long as he’s entertaining everyone, giving us something to talk about, and gives his team envelopes of cash under the table like he’s John Gotti, you have to respect the guy.

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