Virtually every NFL offseason brings about talk of how to improve the game.

More often than not, the majority of those ideas are not even remotely close to being good ideas, and many tend to be rather insane.

For his part, this top NFL quarterback has come up with an objectively wild idea for solving a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

With technological advancements in recent years, some have pushed for an absurd evolution that would essentially rip the human element out of sports.

For those losers, the fact that virtually every play in almost every sport is now reviewable simply isn’t enough, and they won’t be happy until sports like baseball begin reviewing every single ball and strike.

You can apparently also add Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes to that group now as well.

In a recent interview on the WHOOP podcast – whatever that is – Mahomes pushed for the NFL to insert microchips into the football to help officials spot the football more accurately, specifically when it comes to whether the ball crossed the goal line.

“I’ve always thought the chip in the ball has to happen sometime, where if you cross the line, it just tells you a touchdown,” Mahomes said. “The biggest thing to me is when they get in the pile by the end zone, there is literally no way to tell if he’s in the end zone or not. It’s like you said, it’s just whatever they call. […] I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough.”

While there are undoubtedly plenty of people who believe this is a great idea, the fact of the matter is this is yet another example of why athletes should actually do just a little homework and think through their opinions before blurting them out publicly.

First off, microchips are already inserted into every single football the NFL uses in a game, so when Mahomes says he’s “sure it’ll happen soon enough,” it’s clear that over five years ago just isn’t “soon enough” for him.

He can probably be given a pass for not knowing that, though, as he was a tad preoccupied with leading Texas Tech to a spectacularly pathetic 5-7 record the year the NFL made the decision and has literally played in the league every year since it went into effect.

Most importantly, though, whether or not the ball breaks the plane of the end zone is only half of the touchdown equation.

As almost every fan who’s watched even one game in their entire life should know, where the ball is when a player’s knee, elbow, or other body part that isn’t a hand touches the ground is what actually matters.

So unless Patrick Mahomes is also advocating for installing numerous microchips inside of every limb of every player who could possibly touch the football in a game, his plan isn’t exactly foolproof.

All this really proves is the push to rip the human element out of sports is rather shortsighted.

It’s generally only the fans who feel their team lost a game because of a single blown call rather than realizing it’s actually because they just aren’t good enough that are the ones who push for this type of thing.

However, this time it happened to be a Super Bowl MVP who decided to come up with an idea to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist in a totally unrealistic and unnecessary manner.

If Patrick Mahomes is really that worried that one of his quarterback sneaks at the goal line won’t be called a touchdown, he should probably just make a play that avoids putting his team in the situation where they need the refs to call the play their way to get the W.

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