Across the nation, people are focusing on race now more than ever.

Race is often used as a way to turn heads or as an excuse for shortcomings, which is both sad and pathetic.

But this top sports commentator has finally had it with race being injected into everything.

All too often in this nation, people jump to conclusions.

Every time there is a disagreement, or a fight between two people, race is automatically assumed to be a leading factor.

That proves just how divided our nation is.

Sports are certainly not exempt, and more often than not, professional sports are much worse.

If you have watched any professional sporting event in the last few years, then you know how much they are focusing on race.

Sports are supposed to bring people together.

But instead, professional sports leagues like Major League Baseball are using it to divide people.

An excellent example happened the other day at the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox game.

According to the White Sox manager Tony La Russa, Josh Donaldson of the Yankees used a racist slur against one of his players.

Allegedly, Donaldson called Chicago’s Tim Anderson “Jackie” in reference to the late and great Jackie Robinson.

This alleged slur caused tempers to flare and a benching-clearing brawl to ensue.

But there are a couple of things that do not make sense here.

Why would Donaldson use the term Jackie?

That’s in itself not widely considered to be a slur.

If anything, that should be a complement given how legendary he was.

It seems pretty obvious that this is either a complete lie or a misunderstanding.

But the fact that the media is assuming the worst and running with it is appalling.

And fortunately, some in the media are saying something about it.

In fact, notorious loudmouth and quite often woke commentator Stephen A. Smith himself was one of the first people to question these allegations of race.

Stephen A. Smith said, “Here is what upsets me about this. We are having a conversation about race, and I can’t sit here and tell you that anything Josh Donaldson said was racist.”

Smith continued, “I think it’s actually wrong for people to attach racist, or racism, to Josh Donaldson today.”

For once he is exactly right.

People should think twice before throwing allegations around like this one.

There is absolutely no proof Donaldson said anything racist, but nonetheless, the woke MLB has suspended him for one game.

What a disgrace.

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