2020 was the year sports and politics became one.

But not every athlete, owner, or coach decided to support Joe Biden.

And now this Trump supporting football coach just got the biggest surprise of his life.

Lou Holtz built a hall of fame coaching career at William and Mary, North Carolina State, Arkansas, Minnesota, Notre Dame, and South Carolina.

Holtz won 249 games over the span of 33 years.

But Holtz was best known for his 11 year tenure at Notre Dame where Holtz won 100 games –  second only to the legendary Knute Rockne – as well as the school’s 11th national championship in a perfect 12-0 1988 season.

Holtz made waves this past summer when he endorsed Donald Trump and slammed Joe Biden as a “Catholic in name only” because of Biden’s support for abortion on demand.

The former Notre Dame Coach’s words carried weight with Catholics across the country.

Now Holtz is back in the news again as the 81-year-old tested positive for the coronavirus.

“I don’t have a lot of energy right now,” Holtz told ABC Columbia.

The Fake News Media makes a sport out of gleefully announcing when prominent Trump supporters test positive for the coronavirus as they think it is some kind of just deserts because the President won’t support national lockdowns.

President Trump’s critics operate under the delusion that there is a government policy that can be put in place that will stop people from getting sick.

That is a lie.

The government can fund research on vaccines – and President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed stands as one of the great medical achievements in human history for producing three vaccines in less than one year for a disease that did not exist until this time last year – and it can distribute equipment.

But the government can stop an airborne pathogen from spreading.

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