In today’s sports world, politics have taken center stage.

Thankfully, not all athletes have gone woke.

And this Trump-supporting MMA fighter just called out LeBron for playing dangerous games.

When it comes to crybabies in the professional sports world, LeBron James takes the cake.

Whether it be flopping after every tiny bit of contact, or begging for fouls every single play, LeBron has earned a reputation as a crybaby on the court.

And off the court, he is even worse.

Due to his balling abilities, LeBron has convinced himself that he has the entire world figured out.

As a result, he has taken it upon himself to chime in every time there is some sort of protest movement (more accurately senseless riots) happening in our nation.

And given that LeBron is barely high school educated, his takes are often emotionally driven and painfully stupid.

Most notably, LeBron James has taken it upon himself to call out police officers who he believes have acted out of line, rather than letting our criminal justice system make these determinations.

The most alarming example occurred just after a situation in Ohio that required law enforcement to use deadly force.

In this particular instance, a crazed young lady was seen clutching a knife and then trying to thrust it into a young woman she was assaulting, which could have easily killed the girl.

So the police officer on the scene had no choice but to pull the trigger in order to prevent more blood from being shed.

Clearly, this was not an ideal outcome for anybody, but law enforcement did what they are paid to do.

And before assembling any of the details, LeBron took to Twitter and posted a picture of the cop who made the fatal shot with a caption saying “YOU’RE NEXT.”

Almost immediately, people across the nation were alarmed and scared about the sort of violence emotional and poorly educated messages like this could bring to our nation’s law enforcement officers.

But even though most of the sports world has gone crazy, there are some that still have some common sense.

MMA champion and Trump supporter Colby Covington spoke out just the other day about his disdain for LeBron and the way he attempts to create change.

According to Convington, “I wanna send a big thank you to all the real heroes and celebrities in this country. Not that woke, spineless coward like LeBron James. I’m talking about our heroes – law enforcement, military, our first respondents – God bless you all.”

Bingo. What this world needs is more Colby Covingtons.

If only more people were willing to stand up to cowards like LeBron, then this world would be a much better and safer place.

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