Leftists try to ruin everything with politics.

They dragged down the NFL to a massive ratings decline with their demands that the league act as a vehicle for their anti-Trump protests.

But now this Trump supporting quarterback just sent leftists into a fit of rage with this new deal.

Washington Redskins quarterback Taylor Heinicke became a team and fan favorite when Heinicke came out of nowhere to start the Redskins wildcard playoff game against the eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Heinicke was thrust into the emergency starting role after the Redskins waived 2019 first round draft choice Dwayne Haskins and starter Alex Smith suffered an injury.

Despite losing the game, Heinicke acquitted himself well, completing 26 of 44 passes for 308 yards and one touchdown.

Heinicke also scrambled for an eight yard touchdown run where a picture of Heinicke reaching the ball for the pylon as he dove past two Buccaneer defenders turned into a viral meme online.

That performance earned Heinicke the respect of his peers and a new multi-year contract.

ESPN reports, “The Washington Football Team announced Wednesday that it re-signed Heinicke to a two-year deal, which is worth up to $8.75 million, a source confirmed. Heinicke would have been a restricted free agent, but Washington had made it clear it wanted to keep him based on how he finished the season.”

Heinicke’s peers such as Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes applauded his play against the Bucs.

But not everyone was thrilled.

Fans and SJW sports reporters began combing through Heinicke’s Twitter feed and found tweets in support of Donald Trump and opposing the radical movement to “defund the police.”

Overnight, Heinicke turned into an Internet villain as leftist outrage mobs complained complained that someone who does not fall in line with the radical Leftist agenda for America played in the NFL.

But Heinicke got the last laugh as the former undrafted free agent will be an NFL mainstay with a chance to carve out a long and successful NFL career as a backup quarterback that is more than capable of stepping in and providing quality play for extended periods of time.

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