Since the Founding Fathers declared independence from tyrant King George III, winning has been part of America’s DNA.

Unfortunately, though, the cult of the participation trophy is spreading like a cancer, causing many to believe we should celebrate everyone — even losers.

Among those who have fallen victim to that loser mentality is a U.S. Olympian, who believes America should celebrate losing more often.

If you’ve never heard the name Lilly King, don’t worry because you’re not alone — most have never heard of her.

Admittedly, though, King is one of the best swimmers in the world, having won five medals in the past two Olympics, including three medals in this year’s games.

Considering her level of success, most everyone would assume that she possesses a next-level competitor drive that only the top athletes in their respective sport can possess.

However, that’s apparently not the case for King.

In fact, she’s recently gone on the record to say that America should ditch the “bulls**t” mentality of not celebrating losers.

“Excuse my French, but the fact that we don’t celebrate silver and bronze is bulls**t,” King said. “Just because we compete for the United States, and maybe we have extremely high standards for this sort of thing, that doesn’t excuse the fact that we haven’t been celebrating silver and bronze as much as gold.”

The absurdity of her statement aside for a moment, it is interesting to note that King only made that statement after she herself won a silver medal.

After winning two gold medals in the 2016 Olympics, King has been forced to settle for silver and bronze in three events this year.

Obviously, despite her lack of success in this year’s Olympics, King wants the same treatment she received when she actually won events for the United States.

In her mind, everyone who participates in the Olympics should be celebrated as if they’re the best in the world, even when it’s made abundantly clear that’s not the case.

At the end of the day, in the immortal words of Ricky Bobby: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Period. End of discussion.

There is no point in keeping score, much less competing, if you’re not going to crown the winner, the winner.

The idea that the United States — the back-to-back World War Champs and the greatest nation the world has ever known — should celebrate those who didn’t win as much as those who did win is absolute insanity.

And it would probably be rather safe to assume that King understands that too, and wouldn’t have even suggested celebrating losers if she herself wasn’t a loser in this year’s Olympics.

But that’s just how things go in this world of participation trophies.

Everyone wants to be a winner — even the losers.

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