Anyone who watches baseball knows how much umpires often suck at their job.

But nobody is going to question a strike call from this ump.

That’s because this umpire strikes fear into the hearts of players and coaches ensuring no one is going to challenge his horrible calls.

Baseball is one of America’s best pastimes.

But of all of its glory and history, one thing is true in nearly every single game: the umpires virtually all suck.

It never fails.

There’s a big game in baseball, players are on base, and it’s a full count.

Then the pitch is thrown out of the strike zone.

And as the batter goes to take his base when suddenly the blind umpire calls strike three.

Honestly, 9/10 they just suck at their job.

Game after game there are more errors in the ump show than on the field.

So you can see why managers always go running out onto the field to crawl on an umpire’s ass.

But ain’t no player or manager on earth who’s going toe-to-toe with this massive umpire.

And if they do, they are going to be spitting, not on his face, but on his ball sack.

This umpire from the Sun Belt Conference is literally a giant.

The dude is a wall who no manager will ever question or challenge.

Honestly, it could be a game-changer for baseball.

How many delays in an MLB game would there be if the umpire is six foot eight inches and around three hundred pounds?

*Sports With Balls Official Polling*