What is better than big hits and chaos?

Nothing, as this video will show you the hardest hit of the year and the chaos that ensued.

And this woman takes a bike to the face in the craziest finish to a bike race you will ever see.

We all can probably name off the same sports that are boring as hell but are still somehow popular.

Soccer sucks and is filled with pansies.

Cross country is like watching a dog run in the woods only to come back a couple hours later.

And cycling was fun back when they allowed Lance Armstrong to shoot up steroids.

But in an attempt to bring back cycling to racing, one woman put her life on the line to throw the finish of a race into chaos.

In a video that has gone around on social media over the weekend of a race – no one knows which cycling race because no one cares as it’s cycling – a dude was destined to finish first in the race and ride to glory when out of nowhere a woman kamikazed the dude.

You just have to watch the video to witness the chaos:

Now that’s a hit!

No word on if her face still exists.

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