In 2022 America, it seems everyone has an opinion, and all too often so many are eager to share them.

The desire to gain attention and notoriety through controversial statements is everywhere, and it has infiltrated the sports realm just as much as anywhere.

Now, this World Series champ just issued an uncomfortable challenge to radical activists.

Curt Schilling has never shied away from making his feelings known, but he’s hardly alone in that.

Now, the World Series champ is calling for radical left-wing activists attempting to restructure the United States of America to take up their cause in China.

In a tweet, Schilling wrote, “How about all you antifa, BLM, and women’s rights advocates, and the lgbtq community, hop on planes, fly to china and fight for people truly oppressed who need help? You’re all so set on fighting against tyranny, it’s right in front of you.”

Any qualms that any of the groups called out by Schilling may have with the U.S. surely pale in comparison to real and pervasive human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party.

Political writer Jack Posobiec says, “A building full of Uyghurs and Han Chinese citizens, it caught fire. Well that building had been under three months of extreme lockdown measures. This high-rise people have been welded into their homes, door shut. Cars were strewn about outside. There was no way for anybody to get in. There was no way for anyone to get out, and the people were trapped like this for months.”

Certainly, that seems like a bigger fish to fry than wailing about “microaggressions” here at home.

Posobiec continued, “While you were eating Thanksgiving dinner a fire broke out in this high-rise on the 15th floor and if anyone who’s ever lived in a high-rise in any city in the world knows a fire breaking out on a high floor is one of the most dangerous and deadly things that can happen. But here’s what happened to those people, they were locked inside their homes by their own government. They were forced inside. They were stuck inside and their loved ones were forced to listen while these people, Han Chinese and Uyghurs burned alive at the order of the Chinese Communist Party. This was a massacre. This was the Xinjiang Massacre.”

He also shared videos from China where the CCP has engaged in censorship, grabbing and checking phones on a subway.

So many who have the power to shine a light on overseas atrocities shy away out of fear of political retribution or loss of corporate sponsorship for angering the Chinese government.

It’s actually refreshing to see someone using his celebrity to do some actual good, rather than simply stick to the overplayed tack of blaming the United States.

Schilling knows that however imperfect our country is, our problems aren’t even in the same ballpark.

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