The first full weekend of college football in the 2021 season is in the books.

Americans were thrilled to see full stadiums full of fans with the full pageantry and traditions return after last season’s pandemic dominated season.

And three words at college football games across America will leave you speechless.

The Twitter account Old Row Sports posted several videos from college football stadiums around the country featuring fans chanting “[email protected]#K Joe Biden!”

When Joe Biden took office, the media portrayed Biden as one of the most broadly popular Presidents ever.

Eight months later, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting with no end in sight as a series of crises punctuated by the disaster in Afghanistan erased the image of Biden as a competent chief executive in the minds of Americans.

That dissatisfaction with Joe Biden spread to college football stadiums acrossthe country.

In truth, Americans were just thrilled to see college football back in its full glory.

College sports suffered more than any institution in America from a lack of fans.

Teams have chants, traditions, fight songs that all depend on fan participation.

Fans were happy to watch college football on TV last year, but it was a sterile product without full stadiums and all the pageantry.

But when you pack the stadiums with fans you never know what they are going to do.

And that unpredictability is part of the beauty of college football.

Joe Biden and his allies learned that the hard way as fans in stadiums across America could not wait to express their anger at Joe Biden’s presidency.

Sports with Balls will let you know if this trend continues.