Joe Exotic loves him some tigers, meth, and fat guys.

That’s why it might come as no surprise that the “Tiger King” was trying to reach Ben Roethlisberger while in his prison cell.

News broke that “Tiger King” Joe Exotic mailed Ben Roethlisberger a handwritten prison letter asking one huge favor. Will Big Ben follow through?

When the government decided to ruin our lives and shut down our society over a virus that had a death-rate similar to the flu for most of us, they needed to give us something in return.

So like the government always does, they screwed us over.

In return for COVID lockdowns and losing our way of life, Uncle Sam decided to give us stimulus checks he couldn’t afford and overrated documentaries on Netflix like Tiger King.

And in just a few short weeks, we all went from missing our way of life to watching some gay tiger handler with a weird obsession over wanting to kill some woman named Carole Baskin.

Now we can’t blame Joe Exotic for wanting to go after Carole Baskin, but the man took it a little too far and ended up in prison for his plan to kill her.

And since being in prison, Joe Exotic comes up on the news every once in a while trying to find ways to pass the time.

But of all the past attention-grabbing things the middle-aged gay tiger handler has done, this is by far the craziest thing yet.

While sitting in his prison cell, Joe Exotic started thinking about Big Ben to the point where he wanted to write the retired Steelers quarterback a letter.

Joe Exotic wrote to Ben asking for a signed jersey for his stepson who he promised a jersey.

The letter read:

Not sure if you have heard of me or not. It’s Joe Exotic, the Tiger King. As you know, the United States of America has kidnapped me so Carole Baskin and PeTA could try to pass the Big Cat Safety Act because I’m the only one that could educate Congress about why this law should never pass. Anyway, they got my ass in prison for now and I need a favor from you please sir.

I have this amazing stepson named Johnny Graham and I promised him an autographed jersey by you because he thinks you are the shit and he holds you on a pretty big pedestal. There is one on eBay, but I don’t have the $600 to buy it for his birthday. My fans helped get everything else he wanted. I’m just missing your jersey.

Can you help a man out that is fighting for his own freedom? Every kid needs a hero and you are his! If so, just private message, and my people will go from there.

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