Tim Tebow’s attempt to remain in pro sports is over.

Tebow failed to make the Major Leagues with the New York Mets and the Jacksonville Jaguars cut him out of training camp.

And now Tim Tebow just announced a new career move that no one saw coming.

With Tim Tebow’s dreams of pro sports over, the former Florida Gator and First Round NFL draft pick is heading back to ESPN.

But Tebow’s new role turned heads as Tebow will star as one of the rotating panel of guest hosts opposite Stephen A. Smith on First Take.

The New York Post reports:

Tim Tebow will be joining ESPN’s “First Take” as one of Stephen A. Smith’s new debate foes, the network announced Thursday.

The former Heisman Trophy winner will go head-to-head with Smith on Fridays, while Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin will co-host the show with Smith on Mondays.

The other days will feature a rotation of ESPN personalities, which includes Mina Kimes and Kendrick Perkins, duking it out with Smith.

Smith is the face of ESPN as the network’s highest paid employees and one of the voices of the social justice warrior movement in the sports media.

When the Jaguars signed Tebow to try out for the team as a tight end, Smith blasted Tebow for possessing white privilege.

Now Tebow will have one day a week to answer these – and other woke criticism – from Smith on the set of First Take.

While Tebow is not know for his politics, Tebow is a strong pro-Life Christian, which leads many to associate Tebow with the American Right.

ESPN could be trying to generate buzz and ratings for First Take by having one day a week where viewers perceive a co-host coming at Smith from the opposite political perspective.

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