The sports world embraces more leftist radicalism by the day and they continue to try and silence conservative voices whenever they get the chance.

But that hasn’t stopped Tim Tebow from sharing his conservative viewpoints.

And Tim Tebow just scorched the Left with this pro-life speech that now has them going nuts.

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s just how far the sports world is willing to go to embrace the Left’s agenda.

Many leagues are trying to be as “woke” as possible.

Just look back at how the NFL pledged over $250 million to Black Lives Matter’s radical agenda and embraced their messaging during games.

But like in many leagues around in sports, their attempts to stay as woke as possible didn’t just end with the embrace of the Left’s message.

The NFL community also attacked players of the league for having conservative views.

The most prominent example was when the New Orlean Saints quarterback Drew Brees defended our nation’s National Anthem by saying, “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

And all hell broke loose from around the league and even from his own teammates.

In the end, Drew Brees caved to the Left’s ideology of hatred for our nation by going on a lengthy apology tour that even included one from his wife pleading with the “woke” Left to recognize he’s not a bad person.

But one former NFL quarterback and current ESPN contributor isn’t backing down from putting his conservative beliefs front and center.

Tim Tebow is one of the biggest Christian cultural icons of our time.

One of Tebow’s strongest christian conservative views is his belief that all preborn boys and girls in the womb should be protected from abortion.

And while speaking at the 48th annual March for Life this past Friday, Tim Tebow voiced his support for the pro-life cause once more by telling the story about how his mom was pushed to abort him.

During his speech, Tebow explained that the doctors for his mother, “didn’t even believe that she was pregnant at first. They actually thought it was a tumor, a mass of fetal tissue.”

Tebow continued, “But she decided that she was going to trust God – even when the doctor said it could and might cost her her life – she decided she was going to trust God.”

And he ended his pro-life message by saying, “I’m so grateful that my mom gave me a chance at life. Because, many times, could she have made the choice to do something different. But, because of her pro-life story, I now get to share my story. But, it’s only because my mom gave me a chance.”

Thankfully, there are athletes out there who are not afraid to express their conservative viewpoints as they lead by example and send a strong message to leftists that they will not be silenced.

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