While Black Lives Matter kneels during the National Anthem, Tim Tebow only kneels to God.

That’s why the Left hates him so much.

And Tim Tebow just made a huge career move that has Black Lives Matter furious.

Most televised sports have gone completely far-left.

The NFL, MLB, and NBA have completely cowered to Black Lives Matter.

They have placed giant Black Lives Matter banners on the field, encouraged players to disrespect the flag through their anti-America “kneeling” protests, and punished those who speak out.

But one person who has never bought into any of that nonsense is Tim Tebow.

He went from playing in the NFL to Minor League Baseball.

And along the way he has been unafraid of showing his faith on the field, often getting on his knees to pray to God, in an act that has since been known as “Tebowing.”

The Left was ecstatic at his departure from the NFL, hoping he would leave forever.

But now he is on the verge of a comeback after signing a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This is huge for Tebow, who got his start in football playing in college at nearby University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

But to the Left, it is a huge loss.

They hate those who show their faith in public, and would rather see football players get on their knees to Black Lives Matter.

Immediately following the news, left-wing outlets put out articles decrying the move.

Deadspin wrote, “Oh No. Tim Tebow might actually make the Jaguars roster.”

Bleacher Report wrote, “Steelers’ Devin Bush Mocks Tim Tebow Returning to NFL Before Colin Kaepernick.”

On Fox Sports’ The Undisputed show, Tebow-hater Shannon Sharpe claimed that Tebow got the position just to sell tickets, not because he can play.

In MSN’s The Morning Win newsletter, Andy Nesbitt attacked Tebow following the news.

“This is all an embarrassing look for Meyer as he begins his first stint as a NFL coach,” Nesbitt wrote. “This league isn’t college football. He’s not coaching a bunch of kids. He’s coaching men who play football as their job. He owes it to those men to take things seriously and not make moves that make the rest of the football world scratch their heads and likely point and laugh at them.”

Most of America will see Tebow as a breath of fresh air in a league that has been overrun by left-wing politics.

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