The 2020 season has seen NFL games played on every day of the week and at almost every time of day.

NFL executives were desperate to complete a full 16-game season despite the coronavirus pandemic.

But now Tom Brady couldn’t believe what happened right before he was scheduled to take the field.

On Saturday, the 5-9 Detroit Lions will take on the 9-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady.

This game has playoff implications as the Bucs are just one game behind the first place New Orleans Saints in the NFC South and the winner of the division gets a home playoff game while the loser starts on the road.

However the coronavirus struck again as the Detroit Lions announced they will go into Saturday’s contest with a decimated coaching staff.

Interim head coach Darrell Bevell and the entire core defensive coaching staff are all out for the game due to coronavirus protocols.

There have been many things happen no one has ever seen before in 2020.

Games have been played on Wednesday afternoon.

The Denver Broncos played one game with a practice squad wide receiver converted to quarterback because all four of the main roster quarterbacks were out because of the COVID protocols.

And now you can add a team going into a game without essentially a coaching staff to the list of “firsts” in the 2020 NFL season.

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