Tom Brady’s in his 22nd season in the NFL.

After Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to last year’s Super Bowl championship, everyone wondered how long the 44-year-old Brady would play.

And now Tom Brady made a head turning revelation about when he will retire.

ESPN’s Andrea Kramer and Hannah Storm interviewed Brady heading into the Bucs’ week 7 matchup with the Chicago Bears.

Brady previously stated he wanted to play until he was 45-years-old.

That would be the 2022 season.

But in the interview with ESPN, Brady suggested he could play until he is 50 or 55 years old.

“I really think I can play as long as I want,” Brady claimed. “I could literally play until I’m 50 or 55 if I wanted to do. I don’t think I will obviously . . . my physical body won’t be the problem. I think it’ll just be, I’m just missing too much of life with my family.”

Brady’s play justifies his confidence in playing as long as he wants.

Last year, Brady won his seventh Super Bowl and fifth Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Brady threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns last year after several down seasons in New England where some thought age finally caught up with Brady.

And Brady’s backed up his superlative 2020 season in 2021.

Through six games, the Bucs are 5 and 1 and Brady leads the NFL with 2,064 yards passing and 17 touchdowns.

The ESPN interview was not the first time Brady suggested playing until he was 50.

In an “ask Tommy and Gronky anything” segment, Brady told teammate Rob Gronkowski he wanted to play until he was 50.

“Wow, seems to be a really hot question lately,” Brady answered. “‘Can Tom Brady play till 50?’ Like, 50-years-old. I don’t find it so difficult, and plus living in Florida it’s kind of a retiree state. I feel like I can just play and glide into retirement. I think I can, I think it’s a yes.”

It was easy to dismiss that answer because Brady and Gronkowski are longtime friends, and the video series is meant to be lighthearted.

But Brady’s comments – and most importantly his play on the field – suggests that NFL fans may have another decade of Tom Brady playing on Sundays.

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