There is a good reason why Tom Brady is considered the greatest of all time… seven Super Bowl rings, three MVPs, and countless amazing plays.

Unsurprisingly, Brady has had success building a great team around him at his new home in Tampa Bay.

But when he asked another former teammate to join him, he got an unexpected response.

On the now infamous Monday Night Manningcast during Monday night’s matchup between the Bucs and the New York Giants, three time Super Bowl Champion and former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was asked if he was ever contacted by Brady to join him down in Tampa much like former New England tight end Rob Gronkowksi did.

Edelman’s answer was a bit shocking.

He claimed, “He hit me up the first day he signed there and asked ‘Do you wanna come down?’”

Edleman’s response was, “Absolutely not”.

This response put both of the Manning brothers in stitches.

Edelman didn’t explain why, but based on previous statements he made before the highly anticipated Patriots-Buccaneers game earlier in the year where he revealed he was cheering for New England, it was likely his loyalty to the Pats.

Edelman played for the Patriots under Cam Newton in 2020 but he sustained a knee injury and finished on the injured reserve.

He then retired during the following offseason.

You have to admire Edelman’s loyalty.

Especially in a league where free agency and salary caps have created a player-first atmosphere in which players seemingly bounce from team to team to simply chase a ring or profitable contract.

Although Edelman likely wishes he had gone to Tampa after their Super Bowl victory last year, he should be proud of the fact that he is part of a dying breed of football players who are in it for the right reason.

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