Trevor Lawrence is just a few weeks away from the NFL draft, which will change his life forever.

Usually future draft picks stay clear of anything seen as political to keep up their draft value.

But Trevor Lawrence just took a stand against the Left and the Nike Satan shoes as the NFL Draft approaches.

Trevor Lawrence is one of the most dynamic college quarterbacks we have seen in years.

In his freshman season at Clemson, Lawrence started turning heads around the football world when he racked up over 30 touchdowns against some of college football’s best defenses.

Not to mention Lawrence won the National Football Championship his freshman year.

And as his career progressed he has continued to stack up the record books at Clemson.

In his three years at Clemson, he has racked up over 10,000 passing yards with a whopping 90 touchdowns compared to just 17 interceptions.

Now Lawrence’s stellar career in college football has ended and he begins a new journey in the NFL.

Many draft experts have Trevor Lawrence as the first overall pick of the NFL draft this year heading to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But it’s an unspoken rule heading into the draft to stay out of politics and away from trouble to keep your draft potential as high as possible.

Well, breaking with tradition, Trevor Lawrence just took a stand against rapper Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” that left everyone in shock.

Lil Nas X is known for making scenes to be seen whenever he can.

But these Satan Shoes are as bad as it can get.

These shoes feature a pentagram on them and a reference to Bible verse Luke 10:18, which references the fall of Satan.

And to make matters worse, the Satan Shoes have a drop of actual human blood in them with only 666 pairs being sold to the public.

This prompted Trevor Lawrence to go on Twitter to retweet a tweet of the shoes with the caption “Line has to be drawn somewhere. Smh.”

Lawrence has never been shy to show his Christian faith in public.

But he is taking a big risk ahead of the draft to get involved in the debate over the Satan Shoes.

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