Trevor Lawrence looked like one of the best QBs in recent years heading into the NFL.

But the Jacksonville Jaguars apparently don’t think so.

And now Trevor Lawrence’s career in the NFL could be over before it even starts.

Not many quarterbacks coming out of college had as dominant of a career as Trevor Lawrence.

Just think about it.

Over three years at Clemson, Trevor went 34-2, over 10,000 yards passing, 90 passing touchdowns, and a quarterback rating of 164.3.

The man is a passing machine.

But one person doesn’t think so.

And unfortunately for Trevor Lawrence, that person is his boss.

Brian Schottenheimer, who is the passing coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars, told reporters that they don’t know who will start and they don’t have a set number one quarterback yet.

Schottenheimer stated, “We certainly haven’t named a starter. Our objective from Day 1 was to build the best quarterback room that we could. We knew what we had in Gardner. C.J. was a guy that we really looked at on field, and we saw him make a lot of the plays and have some of the athleticism that we really, really like from our quarterbacks. Jake Luton was highly [thought] of last year, I know we really like him in Seattle when he came out. And then of course you get a chance to add a Trevor Lawrence to the mix, you’re going to do that. But we’re not in a position where we’re saying hey, ‘[No.] 1, 2, 3, 4.’”

Everyone understands not wanting to give teams a heads up on who to start planning for to start.

But making it seem like Trevor is just a dude in the discussion to start is ludicrous.

Who knows? At this point Tim Tebow might be the starting quarterback for the Jaguars.

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