The U.S. women’s soccer team ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of the woke Olympics.

This controversial team divided the country.

And Donald Trump just explained why the U.S. women’s soccer team suffered an embarrassing Olympics.

The defending world champion U.S. women’s soccer team limped home from Tokyo with a bronze medal.

Many favored the team to win the gold, but after their opening game loss to Sweden, it became clear this team was more interested in kneeling before the game to protest so-called “systemic racism” than dominating the competition.

Canada defeated the Americans 1-0 in the semi-finals, ending any hope for a gold medal.

After the Americans nearly blew a three-goal lead and barely hung on to defeat Australia 4-3 in the bronze medal game, Donald Trump released a statement pointing out that if the team featured more players focused on the game as opposed to protesting they would have won the gold.

“If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of Leftist Maniacs, wasn’t woke, they would have won the Gold Medal instead of the Bronze,” Trump wrote. “Woke means you lose, everything that is woke goes bad, and our soccer team certainly has.”

“They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again,” Trump added.

Trump singled-out star player Megan Rapinoe – who is one of the most outspoken social justice warrior snowflakes in sports – out for special criticism.

“The woman with the purple hair played terribly and spends too much time thinking about Radical Left politics and not doing her job!” Trump added.

This game likely spelled the end of the line for Rapinoe and other veterans at the national team level.

U.S. soccer now has the opportunity to reboot the team by adding players who foster a culture of winning and patriotism as opposed to whining and protest.

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