Donald Trump touts himself as the best of the best in nearly everything he does.

But Trump’s athletic prowess can’t be denied.

And Trump recently showed us why he is the most athletic president in recent history.

America has a great list of men who became President of the United States.

And among their accomplishments and strengths, athleticism has been a trait rarely seen by a president.

The list of athletes who led this nation includes big names like Teddy Roosevelt who was a boxer in his younger days.

Gerald Ford was a center and linebacker for the Michigan Wolverines, where he was a three-year letter winner.

And among the athletic presidents it is undeniable that Trump is the most athletic POTUS we have had since the turn of the century.

Just take a look at Trump’s competition.

George Bush might be good at ducking and dodging shoes.

But we all know that Bush was a wimp.

Obama might be a close second to Trump with his characteristics.

But we all know his basketball videos were staged.

Then you have Biden . . .

Do we really need to address his lack of bodily function and control?

But if there is any remaining doubt about Trump’s athleticism, he just proved yet again that no one should question him.

Trump teed off at the National Trump Golf Course in New Jersey to start off the LIV golf pro-am tour.

Just look at this swing.

Tiger Woods better watch out for Trump.

What do you think?

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