Wardrobe malfunctions are always a sight to see and especially in football.

But what fans witnessed in the Florida UCF matchup was something many of them have never seen before.

Two helmets became one during the Gasparilla Bowl and it’s the worst equipment malfunction we have seen in a while.

Fewer sports have more equipment players have to wear than football.

You got the helmet, knee pads, padded pants, shoulder pads, cleats, and countless accessories.

So it’s not that rare to see a wardrobe malfunction in football.

But what fans witnessed during the Gasparilla Bowl is something you don’t see every day.

Many fans were hyped for the Sunshine State matchup between the Florida Gators and the UCF Golden Knights.

But in the middle of the first quarter, the fans got more than they bargained for.

UCF offensive lineman Cole Schneider took his assignment of putting a “hat on a hat” seriously as he got his helmet stuck firmly onto Gators linebacker Ty’Ron Hopper.

The refs ended up breaking the helmets apart by chucking them onto the hard ground.

Unfortunately for Hopper, he had to sit out one play for having his helmet off on the field because of the lock-up.

But Hopper would later get kicked out of the game for throwing a punch at a UCF player later in the third quarter.

UCF won the game, but the game also ended with some extra fireworks.

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