The Democrats have moved dangerously to the Left.

Even the so-called moderates are advocating for crazy policies.

And one UFC fighter ripped the shocking thing Kamala Harris said.

The Democrats have let their radical mask slip.

Just days before the presidential election, Kamala Harris tweeted a jaw-dropping video that blatantly called for Marxism.

“Equity” means “equality of outcome,” which is the bedrock of Marxist thought.

The only way to create equality of outcome is through authoritarian communism, and UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal pointed that out.

Masvidal, a huge Donald Trump supporter, tweeted, “This is right out of the Cuban communist manifesto.”

Masvidal’s father, like many other expats, fled Cuba and settled in south Florida.

Cuba has been one of the most repressive regimes on earth for half a century, yet Democrats remain enamored with the prison island.

Cubans for decades have risked death by traversing shark-infested waters on rickety boats to find freedom in America.

Fidel Castro’s thugs even attempted to sink boats fleeing the country by dropping sandbags on them from helicopters.

Yet Democrats like Bernie Sanders continue to praise Cuba’s literacy program.

Sanders, of course, leaves out the part where the Cuban government only allows the citizens to read propaganda.

Television, radio, and the Internet are also heavily censored in Cuba.

Useful idiots like documentary filmmaker Michael Moore rave about Cuba’s healthcare system, but only Communist party bigwigs get treatment at the top hospitals.

The other hospitals have squalid conditions where patients have to bring their own light bulbs, pillows, and potable water.

The Democrats’ embrace of socialism is undoubtedly why Masvidal and other Cubans in Florida voted for Trump in big numbers.

They remember the horrors of communism while “woke” liberals with gender studies degrees openly advocate for that oppressive system.

That Harris would promote the Marxist idea of equity is shocking and terrifying.

Democrats cannot be trusted with power.

This is where the party wants to go, and the American people must reject it.

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