Sports has some of the worst timed and funniest pictures you will ever see.

And of all the pictures that have become meme sensations, this one has to be the funniest of them all.

Unfortunately for Aaron Rodgers this hilarious photo taken during Thursday Night’s game just became an instant meme.

It’s happened to the best of us.

We are trying to just go throughout our day or act cool at a function when someone takes a picture and you end up looking like bigfoot’s long lost cousin.

But no matter how bad it gets for us, sports is filled with the worst timed pictures.

And Eli Manning has to be the king of worst timed pictures.

But now it’s time to crown a new king of NFL memes.

And now that throne belongs to Aaron Rodgers.

This past Thursday, while playing an impressive Arizona Cardinals defense, Aaron Rodgers had a big hit that caught him off guard and the cameras captured it all for history to enjoy.

And it didn’t take long for Roger’s face to become an instant meme.

Aaron Rodgers may never recover from this.

At least his career was good while it lasted.

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