You’ll see some of the craziest things that happened during post-game interviews.

But of all the insane interviews we’ve seen after games, we rarely see someone almost get demolished.

That’s why viewers were shocked as a post-game reporter nearly got crushed by players.

One of the things that made sports broadcasting a household necessity was the post-game interview.

As with life, sports are all off script and you never know what is going to happen.

Most of the time everything goes well during post-game interviews as the players and the interviewer go back and forth without a hitch.

But every once in a while fans are blessed with an off the cuff comment or situation that makes the post-game interview must see TV.

Some of the things we’ve seen in the past are players getting stuck in their uniforms.

We’ve even seen some heated exchanges between the players and the interviewer.

And who could forget this time when Aaron Rodgers was higher than a kite?

But it’s hard to find a time when someone in a post-game interview actually had their life at risk.

Except that’s exactly what happened during this post-game interview with Baker Mayfield this past weekend.

After the Los Angeles Rams wrecked the Broncos, things were getting heated between the players.

And while the CBS reporter was asking Mayfield about his amazing performance against the Broncos, Mayfield grabbed the reporter just in time while two players were shoving each other heading right for her.

If Mayfield hadn’t saved the reporter she might not have made it out of that interview in one piece.

In the end, the shoving match ended with no real problems thanks to Mayfield.

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