Patriots’ Mac Jones is one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

The man sucks more at his job than any other mainstream quarterback in the league.

And viewers were stunned when they realized what Mac Jones was screaming at his team.

Being a quarterback in the NFL is one of the hardest roles imaginable.

Oftentimes you have to put the team on your back with the other team trying to find any way they can to deceive you and ruin your career in one game.

But to be frankly honest, it doesn’t take a lot for opposing teams to show just how much Mac Jones sucks.

Jones only has seven touchdowns this season to seven interceptions.

He has the same amount of interceptions as he does touchdowns and that’s a horrible stat to have as a “franchise quarterback.”

The guy is an interception machine.

Even with Hall of Fame coach Bill Belichick trying to guide him through his youthful career Mac Jones still finds ways to be one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL.

And this past Thursday night, Mac Jones had another chance to shine in front of the world in prime time.

But yet again he stunk up your TV screens with his horrible play and then whined about it to his team.

During his horrible performance, viewers were shocked to see what he was claiming on the sidelines for everyone to hear.

Mac Jones literally blamed the coaching staff for running the ball too much for his horrible play.

He was caught screaming at his coaches, “Throw the fucking ball! The running game sucks!”

Can you imagine lobbying your coaches for another opportunity to throw an interception?

Mac Jones is a joke and the only chance the Patriots will ever win again is if they get rid of the overrated quarterback.

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