Draft Day in the NFL is the day many young men’s dreams are made or shattered.

Each year, some of the best sport’s stories come out of the draft.

And this has to be one of the best stories from this year’s draft as an unexpecting long-snapper thought an NFL coach was offering a chance to try-out when he actually was getting drafted.

Nearly all the stars in the NFL have their career start on Draft Day.

What has changed over time in format is constantly a great experience every year for the players who have their dreams come true.

And each draft has some of the best and craziest stories you can imagine.

Who can forget back during the 2004 NFL Draft with the drama of Eli Manning refusing to play for the San Diego Chargers.

Or how about when offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil went from being a top five pick to the eleventh pick in the 2016 Draft after he got anonymously blasted on social media for using a gas mask bong and asking a coach for money.

Ultimately, his drop in the Draft cost him millions in signing bonuses.

But for the 2021 Draft this has to be one of the craziest stories.

Alabama long snapper Thomas Fletcher had a great career in college.

But he didn’t expect to get drafted and thought he would have to try out to make an NFL roster as a free agent.

Well, that all changed when he got a call from Carolina’s head coach Matt Rhule.

While just relaxing at home Fletcher answered the unexpecting phone call.

Rhule asked him, “You comin’ or what?”

Fletcher puzzled answered, “Trying to figure it out right now.”

Then Fletcher finally realized what was going on after Rhule responded, “No no no no, I just drafted you. You comin’ or what?”

Fletcher was ecstatic once he realized he was drafted in the 6th round by the Carolina Panthers.

As the phone call continued he told the Panther’s owner, “I’ll walk my happy ass to Carolina right now, dude. I’ll crawl on my hands and knees, bro.”

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