Fights seem to rarely break out in the National Basketball League as the league is filled with a bunch of wimps.

But when the fights occasionally do break out, crap hits the fan and it’s fun to watch.

And this NBA player just suffered the most brutal attack we’ve seen in years.

Viewership of the NBA has dropped drastically over the past couple of decades.

And while many debate the real reason for its massive drop in viewers, some speculate it is because the league is becoming weak.

Back in the 1980s and ’90s the league was filled with players who wouldn’t take crap from nobody and would let the fists fly whenever needed.

But over the past decade, the league has become soft and you rarely see a fight.

And that sucks for the viewers because when there’s a fight in the NBA it’s fun to watch.

Who can forget the Malice at the Palace that had the fans and players duking it out?

That fight was one of the most memorable sporting events in a century.

Then over the past couple of years many of us remember the time LeBron James saw his life flash before his eyes as Isaiah Stewart decided he was going to punch his face off.

But since that altercation, there really haven’t been any big fights.

That all changed this week.

During the Pistons versus Magic game this week, Magic’s Moe Wagner and Pistons guard Killian Hayes were chasing a ball out of bounds when Wagner shoved Hayes into the bench.

Well the Pistons were having none of it.

Before Wagner could get out of the mess he had made for himself, Pistons players were shoving him.

That’s when Hayes took the chance to sucker punch Wagner right in the back of the head.

But it wasn’t just a soft punch as Wagner literally got knocked out.

Just look at the crap hitting the fan during this fight.

It’s always the Pistons making games fun with the fights and fists.

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