So far, college football has had one of its most insane seasons of all time.

Upsets keep happening all around the college football schedule and the play has never been as good as it is now.

But we can end the college football season now as the best play of the year just happened.

Few things can beat college football.

The fans are unmatched compared to other sports.

The traditions are timeless.

And the play is unmatched.

But this play is by far the best play of the season.

Last Thursday night, the ACC had a match up between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Miami Hurricanes.

Going into the third quarter the game was close with each team unable to pull away.

But then Virginia’s Dontayvion Wicks decided to put the team on his back and put the game in the bag for the Cavaliers.

Virginia decided to run some deep routes to take a chance at the end zone.

During the play, it seems like the quarterback said screw it and threw the ball into a sea of Miami defenders with a completion seeming highly unlikely.

But that’s when Wicks made one of the best plays you will see.

And you have to see it to believe it.

Call it luck or call it skill, but whatever you call it that was one hell of a play.

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