Tennis is such an entertaining “sport” that ESPN has to scan the crowd for anyone to talk about during professional matches.

But boy did the broadcasters unload on Bill Clinton.

And what a sports broadcaster had to say about Bill Clinton live on air will have you rolling on the floor.

It’s true that the stands can be a great source of entertainment during sporting events.

You got people doing weird things.

You got people throwing blows in the stands.

And sometimes you got chicks doing awesome things in the stands.

But if the broadcasters covering your sport just focus on the stands and not much on the actual sporting event, then it isn’t a sport but a glorified recreational activity.

And that is exactly what tennis is.

Of course, at least you still get some entertainment from what broadcasters have to say about those in attendance.

And their latest victim was Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton was at the U.S. Open sitting with some old woman when the camera panned over to him.

And the old woman out of nowhere smacked Bill on the face.

That’s when ESPN’s John McEnroe asked, “Why is his face getting redder?”

It’s a logical question to ask.

Bill’s old body doesn’t have much blood still pumpin’ so for that much to go to his face is noticeable.

Did his viagra just kick in?

Was Bill about to make his move on the old hag?

So many possible explanations for this great mystery.

Of course, things get even better if you Google “Dr. Ruth Westheimer” and learn she’s a famed sex therapist.

That explains a lot.

But without a doubt, the debate and discussion by the commentators about why Bill’s face looked like a dried-up raisin is a lot more entertaining than the match itself.

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