The national anthem has turned into a spectacle of anti-American protests.

Too many players kneel, raise fists, and generally do anything other than honor the dead military members who sacrificed it all for our nation’s freedom.

And what happened during the national anthem at this playoff game will leave you speechless.

Nicole Raviv performed the national anthem before Game Six of the New York Islanders Stanley Cup playoff series against the Boston Bruins.

It was a sight like no one had ever seen.

As Raviv began to sing the Star Spangled Banner, the packed crowd began to belt out the anthem in unison.

The capacity crowd was so enthusiastic and loud that Raviv had no choice, but to go with it and she stopped singing and let the Islander fans take the lead.

Raviv eventually snagged the iconic “land of the free and the home of the brave” conclusion to a raucous reception from the Islander faithful.

You can watch the feel good video below.

This was a reminder of all the good things sports can be where people from all different backgrounds come together and unite around the fact that they all root for the same team.

Much of that is lost today where players want to throw their politics in your face and make every game a referendum on what you think about the police, the military, Donald Trump, or the American flag itself.

But for one night all of that went away.

And the fans were thrilled.

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