Baseball games routinely get stopped for weather.

But no one had seen anything like what happened in Washington, D.C. recently.

And when gunshots rang out something unbelievable happened at a baseball game.

On Saturday night, the game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres was suspended in the sixth inning after two car loads of people exchanged gunfire outside the third base gate of Nationals Stadium.

ESPN reported:

The shooting, an exchange of gunfire between people in two cars, left three people injured, according to Ashan Benedict, the Metropolitan Police Department’s executive assistant police chief.

A woman who had attended the game was waiting for an Uber outside the park when she was struck by gunfire, according to a police report. She suffered a graze wound to her back, police officials said.

Police said the other two people who walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds were in stable condition.

The public address announcer encouraged fans to evacuate the stadium through the center field and right field gates.

Other fans hid behind their seats.

Padres players Fernando Tatis, Manny Machado, and Wil Myers helped other fans onto the field where they took shelter in the dugout.

The game resumed the next day and the Padres won 10 to 4.

Washington, D.C. has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation with universal background checks, gun licensing, and registration.

And once again it was proven that gun control only serves to disarm law-abiding Americans.

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