This is the time of year many baseball fans go into remission as they know that the MLB won’t be back for months.

But this year baseball fans can look forward to the winter league.

And winter league baseball is starting off great with the biggest fight in baseball of the year.

This time of year can get lonely for some baseball lovers.

As football rages on with the NFL and college football, the MLB season is long over and done.

This year’s MLB season was one to remember.

The Astros showed the world again that they are the World Champions in baseball, with or without cheating.

But now that the MLB is done and the World Series is over, baseball fans really have nothing to look forward to until the spring.

Not even the warmth and glow of their family during the holidays can bring them cheer.

But few fans know that there is a vibrant professional winter baseball league.

And this year the winter league is starting off with a bang.

This time of year, professional baseball leagues in many nations south of the border are playing in the midst of their winter league.

And the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League is showing us that the league might be worth a watch.

In a game between La Guaira and Caribes de Anzoátegui, all hell broke loose.

Carlos Castro for La Guaira hit his third home run of the night in the eighth inning.

And as Castro was making his way to first, the pitcher started to scream at him like he was going to fight.

Then out of nowhere, former MLB All-Star infielder Asdrúbal Cabrera slugged Castro, knocking him to the ground.

That’s when the dugouts cleared and the WWE-style Royal Rumble commenced.

Asdrúbal Cabrera might have lost his swing a little bit before he left the MLB but the man still has one hell of a left hook.

Looks like more of us need to cut on the Winter Leagues this time of year.

Can you imagine if the MLB had fights like this for fans to enjoy?

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