The WNBA is literally one of the worst sports leagues in America.

But they might have found the magic touch they need to actually make games worth watching.

Finally, WNBA players actually did something worth watching as they started throwing haymakers in this viral video.

Many things are more entertaining than watching the WNBA.

The women’s professional basketball league is the “drying paint” of the sports world.

You literally can’t pay people to watch their games.

Just how bad is it for the WNBA?

Back in 2019, the Spelling Bee’s finals literally got more viewers than the WNBA’s opening game.

According to Sports Media Watch, the 2019 Spelling Bee on ESPN got over 550,000 views compared to 450,000 views for the WNBA.

So the WNBA literally lost to this in viewership.

So needless to say, as a professional basketball league that doesn’t have dunks or anything worth watching, the WNBA needs something to help their viewership.

And it seems like they might have their new business model.

Since their players can’t throw down any hammering dunks, just have them throw some hands instead.

Next to the “Tenders and Bites” food truck in Atlanta, WNBA players Courtney Williams, Crystal Bradford, and Kalani Brown started throwing some haymakers on the surrounding crowd.

Their team, the Atlanta Dream, released a statement reading, “The behavior in the video is unacceptable and does not align with our values as an organization. We are taking this matter very seriously and working with the league to gather more information and determine next steps.”

Look – the WNBA needs to do anything it can to get some views.

Throwing in some brawls here and there will definitely be a viewership booster.

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