Fans want something that’s fun and entertaining to watch.

And that’s why literally no one watches women’s basketball.

But women’s basketball finally became interesting as the players started doing something unexpected on the court.

We have so much in our lives trying to grab our attention.

That’s why most of us only give time to the things that are the most entertaining to us.

Just look at how football is the number one sport in America.

It’s fast, energetic, and filled with quick bursts of action that was made for the average American’s short attention span.

Then you look at one of the rising sports leagues in the world in the NHL, which is nothing but pure entertainment with the fights, crazy goals, and fast-paced games.

But then you have women’s basketball.

The interesting thing about women’s basketball is that from an All-Star in the WNBA to your starter in high school the players nearly have the same skills and tricks.

A dunk is rare in women’s basketball and so is an actual fun game to watch on the court.

That’s why no one watches women’s basketball no matter how much money they throw at the sport to get people to watch it.

But it looks like women’s basketball might have finally broken the code as to how they can get more than 12 fans to watch.

This week’s women’s basketball game of TCU versus George Washington was your average women’s college basketball game.

But about halfway through the game something happened that no one expected.

Two girls started to throw some punches.

The fans couldn’t believe that they actually saw something that was entertaining to watch.

It all started with one girl getting her hair pulled and then all hell broke loose.

Now it wasn’t the most entertaining fight but beggars can’t be choosers here.

Women’s basketball needs all the help it can get so viewers will have to take all the victories they can to make it bearable to watch.

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