This NFL offseason has been unlike any other offseason in quite some time and it’s all because of the quarterback position.

Multiple future Hall of Famers have retired, and numerous other starting quarterbacks have either moved to a new team or seem to want to make a move.

And as wild as it has been, it’s not close to over as yet another starting quarterback is unhappy with his team after their latest trade.

Typically, the retirements of long-time starting quarterbacks and future Hall of Famers like Philip Rivers and Drew Brees would be enough to cause a hefty shake up in the NFL.

But on top of that, other top quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, and others have either been traded, demanded a trade, or are putting pressure on their team to make a move.

Don’t worry, though, because thanks to the San Francisco 49ers, this offseason isn’t close to being over.

Less than a week ago, the blockbuster trade that everyone was waiting for to upend the NFL Draft finally happened when the 49ers sent a haul of current and future draft picks to Miami for the Dolphins’ third overall pick.

That move by the 49ers made their intentions for this year’s draft abundantly clear – they are going to draft a quarterback, no question about it.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed as much, telling the media, “The way we looked at it is, to move to three, we had to feel good that there were three guys we’d be comfortable with leading our team for a long time.”

With the 49ers intentions rather clear and out in the open, that leaves their current starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, in a very awkward position, and as Shanahan even admitted, Garoppolo isn’t thrilled with the team’s decision to make the move.

“Obviously no one wants to hear that,” Shanahan said. “I know that he wasn’t totally excited about it, like you’d expect.”

“But Jimmy handled it great like he always does. We were very straight up with each other, and I told him how we felt,” Shanahan continued. “This doesn’t change any of his circumstances right now. He’s still coming in here and trying to lead this team.”

Shanahan and the 49ers have been sure to emphasize “right now” and other similar terms when describing Garoppolo’s situation.

Obviously, the team isn’t very high on him anymore, and believes some of the quarterbacks in this draft class could prove to be better for them in the long run.

The 49ers can say whatever they want, but Jimmy Garoppolo’s time in San Francisco is coming to an end sooner rather than later.

Unless the quarterback the team drafts in less than a month is a total bust, it’s hard to see Garoppolo remaining with the team for much longer.

He’ll inevitably be made available for a trade, and when that happens watch out.

Because that’s when things are going to get really interesting.

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