We have all watched a game and found ourselves asking, “What the hell was that?” as million-dollar athletes did something completely stupid.

Well, prepare to be amazed.

Trust us. You have to see one of the worst attempts in the NFL as a lineman tries a stop, drop, and roll block.

You would think getting paid a salary worth more than some localities’ budgets would mean you are good at your job.

But, as the NFL has shown, that isn’t the case.

Just think about Mark Sanchez and the butt fumble.

How the hell can a guy whose whole career is known for getting a face full of a lineman’s ass get paid over $70,000,000 during his NFL career?

Well, here is another case of wondering how someone can get paid so much but still suck at their job.

Do you remember learning in elementary school the fire safety rules of stop, drop, and roll?

If not, let Sparky the Clown remind you of this life saving tip.

Well it seems like the Chicago Bears offensive tackle Jason Peters took that message to heart and tried to use it as a blocking technique.

While getting his lunch stolen by Cleveland’s Myles Garrett, Peters was seen rolling on the ground to throw a block.

Too bad the out-of-the-box blocking technique didn’t work and ended in the one of many sacks of Justin Fields.

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