Baseball is oftentimes one of the most boring things you can watch.

But every once in a while, America’s game provides you with a gem that you won’t want to miss.

And you have to see the craziest MLB play of the year that caused an in-field home run.

Baseball is a game from a simpler time.

Back in the turn of the twentieth century, it’s clear that Americans really didn’t have a lot of avenues of entertainment.

Just think about it.

On a Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1922, your two entertainment options are either baseball or a silent movie.

With such slim pickins, how else do you think a sport as boring as baseball took off during that time period?

And somehow the slow-paced and error-filled sport made its way through the decades and is still a prevalent sport to this day.

But thankfully, the sport has a glimmer of entertainment every once in a while.

Just look at this play.

The Orioles shockingly aren’t sucking like they usually do this year.

And thanks to a little luck they are winning games.

Trey Mancini for the O’s hit a routine fly ball out to right field against the Rays last week.

But as the ball was coming down, outfielder Jose Lowe lost sight of the ball.

And if losing a routine fly ball wasn’t bad enough, the ball literally nailed him right in the head.

With the ball turning his face into a trampoline, the ball bounced off his face and started to roll around in the outfield.

Mancini couldn’t believe his eyes and started running as fast as he could.

And the error allowed Mancini to score an in the park home run.

Now that’s embarrassing, but at least it was fun to watch.

The Orioles might not be the best team in the league this year, but they are showing that you would rather want to be lucky than good.

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