The Paralympics are a must watch as so many of these athletes are eager to support their nation – unlike some Olympians

And this Paralympian will show us all what it means never to give up no matter what life throws your way.

That’s why you have to see this Paralympic ping-pong player with no arms show the world why anything is possible.

The Olympics had some of the worst ratings numbers you could imagine in the United States.

Even though the United States dominated the Olympics, the games had an all-time low viewership.

But that shouldn’t be the case for the Paralympics.

No matter what your thoughts are about our Olympians, it is without a doubt that our Paralympians love our nation and the chance to represent this great country.

Many Paralympians are military veterans who have used the Paralympic games as a way to heal after a life-altering injury.

Just look at Brad Snyder who was blinded by a bomb blast in Afghanistan ended up winning gold at the Paralympic games for the United States in the triathlon.

He became the first American to win gold in the triathlon in either the Olympics or Paralympics.

But this Paralympian will amazed and inspire you.

Ibrahim Hamadtou of Egypt is an amazing ping-pong player with no arms.

He lost his arms in an accident when he was 10 years old.

But even with his handicap, he has overcome and learned how to be a beast at ping-pong by using his mouth to hold the paddle.

You have to see him play in Tokyo to believe it:

He didn’t make excuses and now he is a world class athlete.

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