Nothing beats a good old fashioned live on-air meltdown.

And boy this meltdown is the worst one you will ever see.

You have to witness the biggest meltdown in sports broadcasting history as this guy almost dies from a heart attack over college football.

Television broadcasters want you to believe that everything they do is perfect and planned out.

And a lot of times what you see is about as scripted as it can get.

But when something goes wrong live on-air it is a glorious thing to watch.

And it’s best when the reporters just lose it.

Well, with all the meltdowns on live TV this takes the cake.

After LSU football took another embarrassing loss, a reporter for the local postgame show completely lost it.

No written words could possibly do this video justice so just give it a watch:

The man literally almost had a heart attack and crapped his pants at the same time.

Only if LSU’s head coach Ed Orgeron worried about winning as much as this reporter rather than middle aged women.

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