Crappy fans are what makes the NFL stand out from other sports.

But we have never seen this level of distaste displayed by NFL fans.

And you will be disgusted after you see what Cleveland Browns fans are saying about Deshaun Watson’s sexual misconduct allegations.

Go to an NFL game and you will see some crazy shit.

The fans are just insane.

You got the Bills fans making crackheads look sane.

Fans for many teams dress up for games like it’s a cosplay event.

Then you have Dallas fans who are just gay.

But of all the fan bases, the Browns are making their case for the worst fanbase in the league.

Deshaun Watson has been suspended from the NFL for eleven games over dozens of sexual misconduct allegations during massage sessions.

And the Browns fans are making light of the situation by selling shirts that say, “Bitch give me a message.”

Even a dad with his child had a sign reading “f**k them hoes.”

And it only got worse from there.

Just look at the display one fan had at the game from this past weekend.

You gotta admire the creativity, but damn if this franchise ain’t going to hell.

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