Sports fans know best how to shell out the crap and let the insults fly.

And, rightfully so, fans’ new target is Anthony Fauci.

But you won’t believe the karma that hit Dr. Fauci while throwing out the first pitch.

It’s a nice summer evening at the ballpark and you can smell the freshly cut outfield and the butter from the bags of popcorn.

Such a setting is what makes the ambiance of the ballpark one of relaxation and comradery.

Fans just love to cheer on their team in the spirit of good sportsmanship for all playing.

And the excitement of the game leaves no room for distraction.

Baseball just has the nicest and well-behaved fans in sports.

And Fauci just received the latest warm welcome from MLB fans.

For some reason, Fauci got an award from the Seattle Mariners for doing absolutely nothing productive.

So Fauci was invited by the Mariners to throw out the first pitch at the game where he was going to receive the Hutch Award.

Well, the Mariners fans gave little Fauci a warm welcome of boos and heckles.

Just see it for yourself.

Don’t you feel sorry for the highest-paid bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.?

This is the same man who said you should be good to go to have unprotected butt sex with a stranger but you can’t go to your grandparents’ funeral.

Real class act.

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