The NFL loves to present itself as an all-American league that stands for patriotism – just look at all the camo and military-themed apparel you can buy.

But that image has eroded over the last several years.

And you won’t believe the sick way the NFL just insulted the U.S. military.

The NFL used to be all about honoring the military.

Giant American flags, and military flyovers were staples of big games.

But not anymore.

Now that the league is working hand in glove with the Black Lives Matter movement, honoring the military is no longer a top priority for the league.

According to reports, the NFL has no plans to honor the 13 U.S. troops killed in a terrorist attack at the Kabul Airport before the opening game of the NFL season between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys.

The American Association of Mature Citizens wrote:

Thursday night’s football faceoff between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers marks the first game of the regular NFL season, and while fans already know who the top returning players and purported new stars are, one question has yet to be answered: will the NFL, three days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and only a few days after the deaths of 13 American service members in Afghanistan, honor America and its fallen heroes? The issue of whether the league will pay some tribute to the 13 warriors is also part of a larger question: will the NFL require players to stand for the national anthem this season, or will the league instead spark even more outrage among football fans by continuing to allow players to disrespect our flag?

AMAC Newsline reached out to the NFL for comment multiple times on that very question over the past two days but has not receive a response as of the publication of this piece.

The NFL’s refusal to honor the lives lost in Afghanistan stands in stark contrast to last year when the league turned the pregame into a celebration of Black Lives Matter.

They even played the so-called “black national anthem.”

Fans in attendance in Kansas City booed.

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