We all know that soccer players are a little “out there.”

But this was even strange for the craziest soccer player.

And you won’t believe what a professional soccer player did to his wife so he could sign with a new team.

We all know what made you a primary target to be bullied in school.

The fat and weird kids always caught hell.

But NO ONE, literally no one – not even the fat kids – respected soccer players.

Nothing says “I’m a beta male” like being a soccer player.

And there are multiple reasons for that.

First, no one flops and complains more than a soccer player.

Second, your average soccer player has the physique of monkeypox magnet Pete Buttigieg.

But even this next story is out there for a soccer player.

Mohamed Buya Turay is a Sierra Leone professional soccer player who just got married this summer.

Normal, right?

Well, sort of, but Turay made sure his wife knew her proper place in his life: second to soccer.

On his wedding day, Turay signed with the Swedish professional club Malmö FF.

Rather than signing documents over the Internet or delaying signing by a few days, Turay literally skipped his own wedding to sign some paperwork.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they used his brother as the “fill in man” and Turay’s brother and his new wife were the ones who exchanged the vows.

But hey, at least they planned a little for his absent wedding.

The newly married couple posted pictures online of their big day, which were staged and taken days before the wedding.

When asked by the press about his new club and a possible honeymoon, Turay reaffirmed that his career came first and claimed, “First we have to win the league and then I go on my honeymoon.”

But let’s be honest here.

The real winner in this situation has to be Turay’s brother.

The man probably filled in for his brother and had all the fun on the wedding night without the extra baggage.

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