Every year the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Countless fans wait in anticipation for the Super Bowl and even casual sports fans gather with friends to watch the event.

But you won’t believe what advertisers are doing to turn the Super Bowl into the “Black Lives Matter” Bowl this year.

Nearly everyone has a lifelong memory surrounding the Super Bowl.

Not only is the game memorable but so are the mega-million dollar commercials during the big game.

Few events throughout the year have the same viewership as the Super Bowl and advertisers take advantage of it and usually provide their best ads of the year.

Who can forget this famous Coca-Cola ad from Super Bowl XIII?

But like many things in 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement has infiltrated football and is now on track to even ruin the Super Bowl commercials for the upcoming year.

Bill Oberlander, a “social justice” ad agency manager, claimed that ads during this year’s Super Bowl is “going to be ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it’s going to be COVID. It’s going to be [about] coming together.”

Oberland continued by saying that he “can’t imagine that advertisers are not going to use this as an opportunity to speak up on behalf of their brands – or on behalf of the social impact that’s going on all around.”

And what should we expect from this year’s ads?

Well here is a good indicator from Apple Beats by Dre of what will fill the commercial breaks.

So even though the past few years of commercials have disappointed many Americans, this year will be nothing but a bottomless pit of preachy “woke” ads that are sure to turn fans off.

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