Rush Limbaugh passed away Wednesday morning after a year-long battle with lung cancer.

His wife Kathryn announced the bad news.

And you won’t believe what one ESPN host did after Rush Limbaugh died.

ESPN’s Mark Jones has been one of the most controversial and hate-filled left-wingers in all of sports media.

Jones once said he didn’t want a police escort for travel to a stadium for a play by play assignment out of fear the cops would shoot him dead because he is black.

And as soon as Kathryn Limbaugh announced the news of Rush’s passing, Jones liked several tweets wishing that Limbaugh would burn in hell.

As Outkick’s Bobby Burack noted this is completely within character for Jones.

When San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa suffered a season ending knee injury, Jones liked tweets cheering Bosa getting hurt because Bosa is an open Trump supporter.

ESPN’s been shedding subscribers for years as the network took a hard Left turn and alienated Americans who wanted a break from the daily grind of politics.

The losses got so bad that ESPN’s new President eventually told its talent to cut out the political talk unless it was expressly related to a sports story.

Mark Jones clearly doesn’t care about those directives.

Jones was not the only leftist cheering the announcement of Rush’s death.

Social media was filled with poisonous posts from Hollywood celebrities celebrating Rush’s passing.

But that sickness extended to ESPN and Mark Jones.

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