ESPN has gone off the deep end.

The network has been hemorrhaging viewers for years as the channel’s hard-left political turn has alienated millions of sports fans.

And now you won’t believe what one ESPN sportscaster just said about the police.

During a recent telecast of a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks, controversial left-wing play by play man Mark Jones narrated a tribute video to recently deceased Lakers legend Elgin Baylor.

Jones noted that Baylor was the first NBA player to boycott a game after a hotel denied him the right to stay on their premises because of his skin color.

Jones then linked that protest to this past summer when the Bucks went on strike following the police shooting of accused rapist Jacob Blake.

But Jones falsely claimed Blake was unarmed.

That is a bald faced lie.

Blake admitted he was carrying a knife at the time of the shooting.

The Washington Post reported that Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley’s report said Blake told investigators that he dropped the knife near the vehicle and picked it up intending to put it in the car, because it was a gift he wanted to keep. In the report, Blake is quoted as saying his knife was closed and questioning, “Why would I pull a knife on a cop . . . that’s just stupid.”

Jones has an outrageous history of attacking police.

Last year, Jones tweeted that he did not want a police escort to a game because he was afraid officers would shoot him because he is black.

Jones’ anti-police smears and pro-Black Lives Matter grievance politics are symbolic of the political nonsense that is causing so many Americans to drop ESPN.

Americans just want to watch sports.

They don’t want political lectures.

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