MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred caused a massive controversy by yanking the 2021 All-Star game out of Georgia in protest over the state’s new election integrity law.

The big question became where the game would be played.

And you won’t believe where Major League Baseball just announced the All-Star game would be played.

The MLB announced that Coors Field League in Denver, Colorado would host the 2021 All-Star game.

Critics immediately began comparing the voting laws in Colorado to those of Georgia.

Colorado still requires voters to present identification when voting in person, a law which the league sided with Biden in deeming modern day “Jim Crow” in Georgia.

Colorado also only has 15 days of early voting compared to 17 under the new Georgia election integrity law.

Colorado also requires signature verification on mail-in ballots, which Georgia eliminated.

And finally, 51 percent of Atlanta’s population is black compared to just nine percent in Denver which means that the MLB took $100 million dollars in economic developments out of a majority black city and transferred that money to a city filled with rich, white liberals.

But Colorado is a safe blue state and Major League Baseball is now part of the woke sports conglomerate – that includes the National Football League and the National Basketball Association – which makes it clear that sports are another institution that serves the interests of the Democrat Party and its agenda.

Sports are no longer for all Americans and the MLB isn’t even trying to appeal to the broader population.

Donald Trump already called on conservatives to boycott Major League Baseball over their woke hypocrisy – league officials claim voter ID is racist, but you cannot show up to a game and pick up tickets at the will call window without showing an ID – and now the MLB is in danger of seeing the lowest rated All-Star game on record.

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