Sometimes, wild rumors get started about NFL players and coaches.

But in this case, the rumors are true.

And you won’t believe which NFL coach is dating a top supermodel.

65-year-old Mike Zimmer is in his eighth year coaching the Minnesota Vikings.

Zimmer racked up a 69-52-1 record with three trips to the playoffs where Zimmer’s Vikings won two games.

But while Zimmer and the Vikings have yet to achieve the ultimate success on the field, no one can say the same about Zimmer and his personal life.

Usually, it’s pro athletes who always get all the girls.

Tom Brady married world famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

You rarely hear about coaches and their dating lives.

But Mike Zimmer just proved to be the exception.

Maxim cover girl and supermodel Katarina Miketin confirmed she is dating Zimmer.

Egotastic Sports reached out via Instagram to ask if Miketin was dating a football coach and Miketin responded by sharing a story video showing her at the Vikings Packers game.

“Ask any of my friends, I have no ‘type,’” Miketin said when asked by Egotastic Sports what she looks for in a man. “If I were to say what I am attracted to, I would say it is someone who is secure, extremely loyal, very driven and loves a healthy lifestyle.”

The news about Zimmer dating a supermodel broke just after the Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers in a 34 to 31 thriller that moved the Vikings to 5 and 5 and kept their playoff hopes alive.

Right now, Mike Zimmer looks like a winner both on and off the field.

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